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Daily Report 22.04.2019

Datum objave: 22.04.2019


AIK banka considering acquiring other banks in Serbia, region
By acquiring Slovenia's Gorenjska banka, AIK banka has become the first Serbian bank to break into the EU market, says AIK banka Executive Board President Jelena Galic, adding that the bank is considering acquiring other banks in Serbia and the region. AIK banka's medium-term strategy is to become one of the leading banking groups in this part of Europe, Galic told Magazin biznis in an interview. "That implies we will also assess and consider all future opportunities in the region, including in Serbia, of course, in the period to come," she said.
Source: Tanjug

NBS: One year ahead inflation expected at 2.5-2.7%
According to the latest NBS inflation survey expectations, mid-term inflation is expected in a range of 2.9-3%. In addition, one year ahead inflating is expected at 2.7%, by financial sector, while corporate segment sees it at 2.5%, the same report says.
Source: NBS

Serbian regulator issues license to Vodafone
British company Vodafone has been given a license for electronic communication activities in the area of public communications networks and services. Serbia's regulatory agency for electronic communications and postal services RATEL announced this on Friday, Tanjug is reporting. The company's Belgrade-based branch Vodafone Enterprise Equipment Limited will use the network exclusively for transit transmission of optical signals through Serbia. The licensing has practically registered one of the leading global telecommunications companies as another optical transport network operator in the country.
Source: b92


NYSE&EU markets were closed on Friday


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