Weekly overview 17.06.-21.06.2019
Objavljeno: 24. 06. 2019

Major BELEX indices ended the last week mixed. Namely, BELEX15 was down 0.54%, mainly due to drop at Komercijalna Banka, while BELEXline was up 0.63%. The most trade name was Belgrade Airport (AERO), with RSD 17.2m in volume, while it was followed by Komercijalna, since it generated RSD 16.6m, with 3.6% decline w/w.

From the corporate side, probably NIS should be mentioned, since Serbian President met its CEO in order to discuss the possibility of participation at incoming tender for Petrohemija, which is expected in 4Q 2019. The stock was nearly flat w/w.

From the macro side we had inflation expectation updated. One year ahead inflation in Serbia is expected in a range of 2.6-3%, according to the latest NBS inflation survey report, while in a mid-term horizon, the expectations range is narrowed at 2.9-3%.