Weekly overview 08.07.-12.07.2019
Objavljeno: 15. 07. 2019

Once again Komercijalna Banka (KMBN) led a new advance of BELEX15, which jumped 1.52% w/w. This was the most traded stock on a weekly basis, as well, while we saw no new details about privatization process. The stock faces positive sentiment probably due to recent state move (as it bought additional stake at a premium price), while speculation about several interested large names from both foreign and domestic banking industry, should be also considered.

Energoprojekt (ENHL), lost 1.38%, but it is worth mention that management expects the company to take participation into announced large state infrastructural projects, which means new contracts from Serbia.

Front the macro side, we had several issues but NBS action seems as the most relevant. Namely, Serbia's central bank said on Thursday it decided to cut its key repo rate to 2.75% from 3.0% to back economic growth amid low inflationary pressure.